Our Newfies are part of our family.  We raise our dogs in our home as an important part of our family.  Our goals is to raise high quality dogs and puppies and find them loving lifetime homes.  Browse our site and let us know if you would like more information or would like  to set  up a time to see our dogs.  Newfoundlands are a wonderful breed that is great for children, families, and dog lovers of all types.
Newfies are a giant breed dog with thick double coated fur.  They love to swim, play and hang out with their family.  They are loyal, love kids and love to spend time with their owners.  Newfoundlands love the cold but do well in warmer climates with a small pool or sufficient shelter from the heat.  Elkton Maryland is within driving distance of many locations in the Northeast includingVirginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Deleware and the Washington DC area.  We are happy to deliver our pups if it is possible or meet along the way.  Contact us for newer pictures of our puppies.  We try to keep the current puppy page updated but always have time to send out newer photos to those that request them.
Playing in the Snow!
                   Puppies By the Fire

No Puppies At this Time

Brannons Dream Newfoundlands

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